Dues will be collected every April and will be good for one full year

  • $15/year  includes: KDGC & BCDSS membership + a KDGC drink koozie
  • $30/year family membership includes: KDGC & BCDSS memberships + 2 KDGC drink koozies
         Check out the forum for more info on becoming a KDGC member

  • KDGC Life Time Members: James Brown of Disc Sport Promotions & Rick Hawkes of B&B Expo

Members and Park Users

Pack out what you bring in. This includes garbage, bottles, cans and cigarette butts

  • All the courses are on city or university land, however they are not maintained by park staff. It is up to KDGC members to ensure that these parks remain useable
  • Do your part to encourage everyone to abide by the rules
  • Please pick up after your dog. Bags and a garbage can are provided at Rose Hill