Every Wednesday Night @ 6pm

Come out for a night of fun and personal bests?
Compete weekly to see who can better their average by the most strokes.
Only $5 per night. Money goes toward weekly and seasonal payouts
New Players establish an average over the first 3 rounds
Please email any league inquiries to Paul (PC) Cuthbert

2011 League Details

New players will play their first 3 rounds to establish an average, and then can compete for the weekly payoff. They will roll their last 5 weeks the same as all.  The returning players will start with their last year's final average (top 5 rounds over the past year).  With every new round of this season, the oldest round will be dropped and the new round will be added until the end of the 15 weeks.  When the top 5 rounds of this year's season is totaled, they are compared to last year's best 5 to see who has improved or not. 

The top 8 improved players will play off for the top 3 playoff payouts,  50% 1st , 30% 2nd , 20% 3rd.
1 plays 8 and so on.